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25th-Apr-2005 04:02 pm - Hello!
This is the watcher journal for quibbler_report.

Our reccers use the friends-list of this journal to find rarepair and gen fanfiction, art, challenges, and discussion.

If you have a journal or community that you would like to have added to the friends-list of this journal, feel free to leave a comment here.

If you would like us to watch your personal journal, be sure you regularly post rarepair or genfic/art from the HP fandom that is not crossposted to communities. We already watch virtually all rarepair and gen communities, so we will see your posts there! If you do still want us to watch your personal journal, you do not need to friend us back; in fact, if you do, our editors can theoretically see your f-locked posts when logged in to this watcher journal. You probably don't want that. :)
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